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OUR Works

Salted & Hung - STB Passion Made Possible
Drew Nocente shares his passion behind his craft at Salted & Hung.
MAX TAN - STB Passion Made Possible
Journey with Max Tan as he shares his passion behind his work.
Watch Our Latest Aerial Showreel
A showreel that highlights the best of our aerial projects.
To Iceland with Love
Til Íslands með ást, is an editorial film capturing the beautiful sights of Iceland. Filmed in the Summer of 2016 in 120/240 fps digital, this film brings us on a journey with a couple as they travel to the opposite side of the world. With reckless abandon to what lies ahead, they pledge their love, now and forever more.
This is a compilation of our past works in a single clip. For various reasons, not all our works are allowed on public domain. Contact us and we will be happy to share more!
TCA COLLEGE - School Of Leadership
TCA College launches their School of Leadership, Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL) Online.
Oppo Selfie
Oppo R9. The cure to your selfie problems.
Zuji #wildVSmild
We travel with Xiao Ming from SGAG, to explore all that Changmai has to offer. #garangexplorer #zuji
Singaplural 2015 - Project X
A collaborative project as the key expression of 'Process' for SingaPlural, Lamitak is partnered with four local design talents and groups. Comprising individuals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, they will be showcasing the process of transition and transformation of laminates beyond its perceived form. The process of creation starts early before the festival dates of SingaPlural 2015 and is closely documented.
99.CO Launch Video
What is a home? Discover the best way to find houses, condominiums, apartments and HDBs for sales & rent in Singapore with, Singapore's Fastest Growing Property Portal
Aerial Drone Footage Over Singapore, Altez
In this unique collaboration between 99.CO and the developers, we captured an epic aerial video to showcase the property and its stunning views. Shot from the Altez over Singapore's Tanjong Pagar area.
b e n c h
bench is a project that remembers one of our most beloved icons, the former National Stadium. The stadium that witnessed countless concerts, football matches, and our National Day Parades. bench creates unique furniture made from planks culled from the National Stadium to be placed back into the cityscape. bench allows memories of a national icon to be shaped by our local creative community.
w o o d
Wood presents the works of 18 students from the National University of Singapore Division of Industrial Design who participated in a design studio led by Hans Tan. Through research and material exploration, the 13-week studio set out to express the intangible essence and memories of our former National Stadium through the tangible materiality of salvaged wood from the benches.
Alarice - Radiance Of You (Official Music Video)
An MTV of Radiance of You by Alarice Thio. This was produced and shot in Singapore! The 28-year-old singer-songwriter burst onto the music scene in 2008 with her debut Songs For A Season.
Cold Storage Recipes
Your halloween guide to Harrowing receipes. Learn to make simple and tasty dishes in less than five minutes! Can you believe it? Your friends and family will be so impressed with your skills. Proudly brought to you by your awesome neighbourhood cold storage.
Minutes and Moments
Magical six months in Europe. Shot in France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, London, Lake District & Switzerland.
Adventures in Paris
Its been a wonderful month plus in Paris. I am counting my lucky stars everyday. Things have turned out pretty decently awesome. Im thankful for the people around me. This video shares snapshots of my experiences thus far, and also like a diary for myself. It will be easier to look back at a 3min clip than to scour through gigas of footage that would have otherwise not see the light of day.

Teams and Partners we have collaborated with.

OPPO, R11 Spidey Jump at NEX

STB, Passion Made Possible, with Plus Collaborative

AIRBNB, #onelessstranger, with SGAG

AIRBNB, Gradtrip in Boracay, with SGAG

Adidas, Tennis Singapore, with Srk Media

BB Phuket, Marketing Piece with Srk Media

SFIC, Singaplural Project X, with Plus Collaborative

NUS, NUSDID Design Video for Open House

NCSS, Project Liftoff Animation

Cold Storage, Halloween Treats in store Video

HP, Internal Marketing Piece, with ORCA Design

Samsung, Internal Marketing Piece, with STUCK

LTA, Art in Transit, with Hans Tan Studio

Pearson School, Marketing Piece

Assumption Pathway School, Internal Marketing Piece

Fairfield Secondary School, Anniversary Video

ST ENGINEERING, AIR+ Mask in store Video, with Stuck

T.WARE, Internal Communication Video for AUDI, with Stuck

Assumption Pathway, Communication Video

Fairfield Secondary School, Annual Chapelthon

URA, BENCH, WOOD Documentation, with FARM

99.CO, Launch Marketing Video and Project Aerial Video

Alarice, Radiance Of You, Music Video

World Kitchen, Project Exploration Video with NUS

DIC + 8inc, Design Project Documentation with NUS

Learning by Doing

We have conducted various film-making and storytelling masterclasses at NUS and SIT. We'd love to share these skills with any curious souls who want to get their hands dirty!
We're always on the look out for talents and hands for our productions, drop us an email below if you're interested!

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